Friday, May 1, 2015

An introduction to our group

The tour that Mary and I had booked is hosted by Mike Gulbraa of M&M tours:

Mike's guest photographer for this trip has been Neil Alexander from Manchester.  Both men are professional photographers.  Carol, Mary and I were the three people who made up the tour group.  Carol is a serious photographer.  Mary is also a very nice photographer.  Both of them have nice cameras and several lenses that they can use in various situations.  I am quite content with my snapshots, but I bought a 35 mm camera for the trip and a telephoto lens that I could interchange with the lens that came with it.  I also brought along the camera that I am MUCH more familiar with:  my iPhone.  All of us learned a lot during the trip about photography.  But I am afraid that I will never be as technical as any of the others.  Still I LOVE my photos!

I realize that the blog posts are not organized by day as perfectly as I would have liked.  This is caused by the fact that I worked on some of the posts before I left and the fact that the internet was TERRIBLE or even nonexistent in some of the locations, so I did not do the days in order.  Don't forget that you need to use the "Older Posts" link to get to some of the earliest posts.

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