Monday, April 13, 2015

Day Three Kerrera: The Green Isle

Mary and I both agreed that this might have been our very favorite day.  It started with a trip "down town" to buy hats and gloves for Mary and Carol.  This purchase may have been the best purchase of the trip!  I am not taking the time to share how funny the joke turned out to be!  Carol's hat was VERY special!  You can see both Carol and Mary wearing the hats on the right hand side of the blog.

Chris drove us from Oban to the spot that you see on the map above to meet the ferry.  We then hiked on the island of Kerrara ALL day.  It was a huge hike!  But everyone persevered and we made it back to the ferry before the last ferry sailed.  Below are some of the photos that I took this day:

Ferry coming to the dock:

Ferry waiting for us to board:

Boarding with all of our equipment:


OK, see if you can see the "inside Joke" with Carol's is supposed to say Scotland!

Neil taking photos of an Old, Wrecked Boat!  One of his favorite subjects!

Me, resting while Neil was taking photos of the Wrecked boat.  Mary took this photo.

We hiked to the other side of the island where we had lunch before taking photos of the castle ruins that were there.  Mary and I had WONDERFUL soup!

On our way from lunch to the castle:

I experimented with trying to get a photo from the window in the ruins of the castle:

I took a photo of the place we had had lunch as we went back by on our way to hike back to the ferry:

The rest of the hike was less leisurely and we were tired, so I took no more photos on the way back to the ferry.

That night we stayed again in Oban.  After dinner the plan was to go up to a site above town to take photos at sunset.  There is a structure above the town....I'll try to add details of names etc....but for now here are a few photos that I took.  I got cold and wimped out, so perhaps someone else was able to get better photos:

Hmmmm....I actually like my photos a lot!

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